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What’s Wrong with this Picture? Marking on a Hazardous Waste Container per 40 CFR 262.32(b)

What’s Wrong with this Picture? Marking on a Hazardous Waste Container per 40 CFR 262.32(b)

It’s quite simple, really.  USEPA regulations at 40 CFR 262, subpart C require the generator of a hazardous waste to prepare it for off-site transportation according to both USEPA and USDOT/PHMSA regulations.

Read all about it here:  USEPA Requirements for Packaging, Labeling, and Marking of a Hazardous Waste Container for Off-Site Transportation.

Note:  40 CFR 262, subpart C – indeed, all of part 262 – applies to large quantity generators of hazardous waste and small quantity generators of hazardous waste.  A conditionally exempt small quantity generator of hazardous waste is not subject to the part or the requirements described in this article.

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To summarize the regulations briefly, USEPA – check with your state for any additional requirements – mandates the generator of a hazardous waste to select and use the packaging (called a container in USEPA regulations) and to apply HazMat labels and markings it in accordance with the Hazardous Material Regulations of USDOT/PHMSA.  However, in §263.32(b) USEPA deviates from the HMR and requires the hazardous waste generator  to apply the following markings  – in addition to those required by USDOT/PHMSA – to a container of 119 gallons or less:

HAZARDOUS WASTE—Federal Law Prohibits Improper Disposal. If found, contact the nearest police or public safety authority or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Generator’s Name and Address _____.

Generator’s EPA Identification Number_____.

Manifest Tracking Number _____.

Note:  The Manifest Tracking Number can only be obtained from the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest.  It is unique to each manifest.

Read here:  Be Sure to get your Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest from a Registered Printer

But wait!  This article is supposed to be about something done wrong.  Where’s the mistake?


Hazardous Waste Container

The markings contained on the yellow hazardous waste label in this picture are not required on a container of this size.

So, what’s wrong with this picture?

  1. The yellow label contains information that is not required on a packaging of this size (>119 gallons).  Though, admittedly, it is not a violation for it to be present.
  2. The Class 9 Miscellaneous HazMat label to the right should not be displayed on a packaging of this size (18 cubic meters or more) either.  A packaging of this size should display placards on all four sides if placards are required, which they are not, since, Class 9 placards are not required to be displayed for transportation within the U.S. 
  3. I doubt very much – though I can’t prove it – that the packaging contains hazardous waste at all.  I suspect this is a case of an overly cautious person who has only a tentative grasp of the regulations just trying to do their best.

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