Daniels Training Services


Who am I?

Good question, and one you should know the answer to before you attend my training. I consider myself to be a thoroughly average guy, with maybe a slightly higher than average enjoyment of reading the regulations, but more on that later.

First of all, I am a Husband to my wife, Charlotte who I married in 1996. The two of us working together to build this business while raising our kids and maintaining our home has been one of the great joys and challenges of the last few years. She has settled primarily into the roles of Accounting and making all of my travel and lodging arrangements. However, she also assists in assembling my training binders and is forced to read all of my blog posts before publication.

Char and I Web Small

I think she will have absorbed a thorough understanding of the regulations within a few years. I love her very much and could not have accomplished what I have, nor wanted to, without her.
I am also the proud Father of our three children. Samuel & Tymon are twins and big brothers to our daughter Adeline. It can be a challenge trying to get work done when the kids are about, but once again I credit Charlotte for keeping the kids at bay when I really need to work. Of course, sometimes I’m the source of the distraction when I seek them out and initiate Nerf Gun fights that range throughout the house and sometimes spill out onto the front lawn.

Sam & Ty Web SmallBoth my wife and I are sponsors for the junior high youth group at our church (Silver Creek Reformed in German Valley, IL). I never would have volunteered for a role like this, but learning about Christ’s message with these young people while having fun with them and watching them grow up has been a blessing to me that I can’t describe. I’d recommend anyone to find some way and some time to work with young people and share your time with them, which is pretty much all it takes.



My other interests are simple, and boring. I enjoy reading, mostly history; and taking long walks. As time allows when traveling I attempt to explore the areas around my hotels by foot. It is disappointing to see how little our cities are designed for or even compatible to pedestrians.

The reasons for the success of my business are on this page, how I came to start it is due to the career path I took once out of college and the experience I gained. Read on to learn more about my work experience and Daniels Training Services.