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Is the CLASS 9 Placard Required?

Is the CLASS 9 Placard Required?

Is the CLASS 9 Placard Required?

For international transportation (anywhere outside the U.S.) the answer is yes; the CLASS 9 placard must be used if the applicable placarding threshold is met.  For domestic transportation, including international transportation that occurs within the US, the answer is no; the CLASS 9 placard is not required pursuant to a placarding exception found at 49 CFR 172.504(f)(9).

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This is true even if the CLASS 9 hazardous material…

  • Is in a bulk packaging, or;
  • The aggregate weight of Table 2 hazardous materials on the vehicle (including CLASS 9) is ≥1,001 pounds.
    Display of Class 9 Miscellaneous Placard

    The Class 9 Placard is not required within the U.S.

But we’ve all seen the CLASS 9 placard in use on the highways, so what gives?  While not required, the CLASS 9 placard is allowed for domestic transportation if desired by the Carrier.  It is frequently seen when used to mark bulk packagings of >1,000 gallons (including motor vehicles) on all four sides with the identification number.  If this is the case, a CLASS 9 placard would be seen with the four digit identification number displayed across its middle.

You may think the placarding of a truck hauling HazMat is the concern of the driver, but it is your responsibility as the Shipper to offer placards to the driver of your hazardous materials shipment.

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