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Web Based Training

Are the costs of travel preventing you from completing HazMat Employee & RCRA Training?

…I can help.


What is Web-Based Training?

Online HazMat Training and RCRA Training is your best option when you need to meet the training mandates of the USEPA and PHMSA/USDOT, but don’t have the time or resources for some of the more traditional training formats.  My webinars deliver the same high-quality training at a reasonable price and have the added advantage of no travel costs.  A computer with internet access and a few hours of time is all it takes and you can get back to work.

How Does Web-Based Training Work?

I currently offer Web-Based Training in several formats:

Public Webinar – These are regularly scheduled webinars for either HazMat Employees or Hazardous Waste Personnel.  Each take about three hours and are open to all who enroll.  Due to their open enrollment, these courses are more general in content and will not be site-specific.  Great for the seasoned professional who needs a refresher.

Site-Specific Webinar – Scheduled at your convenience and with content applicable to your facility.  I will work with you prior to the training to ensure it addresses the regulations applicable to your operations only (both Federal and State).  There is no limit to the number of attendees or locations that can be involved.  This option is great if you have several employees who are knowledgeable of the regulations but still require better-than-average training.  Best of all, attendees don’t suffer the expense and lost time of travel.

Scheduled Webinar – This webinar combines the best features of the Public Webinar and the Site-Specific Webinar.  If you’re satisfied with with the content of the Public Webinar but have many people needing training or a schedule conflict, then the Scheduled Webinar is for you.  This training will allow you to meet the training mandates of the USEPA and the PHMSA/USDOT at a time and date of your choosing.  Contact me and I’ll work with you to schedule the training for a time when you are able to assemble your employees.  There is no limit to the number of trainees or locations that may be included.

How much does Web-Based Training cost?

The cost for Web-Based Training will depend on the type of webinar you choose:

  • Public Webinar:  $189/person
  • Site-Specific Webinar:  $999 for either HazMat Employee or Hazardous Waste Personnel training or $1,499 for both.
  • Scheduled Webinar:  $749 for either HaMat Employee or Hazardous Waste Personnel training or $999 for both.


What does Web-Based Training include?

Even though Web-Based Training is designed to summarize the material and proceed more quickly than the other methods, we still cover a lot of very important information.  Please see below for a summary of the training content.


How do I schedule Web-Based Training?

If you are interested in a Public Webinar, you need only reference my Webinar Training schedule.  If you’re interested in a Site-Specific or Scheduled Webinar, you will need to contact me directly to schedule.

I will do everything I can to schedule a date and time to accomodate your schedule.  The absence of travel and a site visit provides a greater range of possibilities for scheduling.  Please have some dates and times in mind when you contact me.

Advantages to Web-Based Training:

  1. Meets regulatory requirements.
  2. Quick to schedule and arrange.
  3. Fast to complete.
  4. Web-based services make transmission high-quality and easy to provide.
  5. Inexpensive:  No travel, lodging, or lost time for you or your employees.