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Onsite Training

Do you want all of your employees to receive the same training right at your facility?

…I can help.

What is Onsite Training?

Onsite Training is where I bring the training to you!  Whatever type of regulatory training you require.  Whether initial, refresher, or both.  No matter the number of trainees.  I can provide Onsite Training to meet the following regulatory requirements:

Be sure to check out my FAQs at the bottom of this page

How Does Onsite Training work?

You provide…

  • the venue (your facility, a nearby meeting room, whatever)
  • the people (your employees, of course; but others are welcome as well, such as contractors, or invite the neighbors!)
  • food and refreshments for your people, and

I provide everything else:  the equipment to present the training (the projector, the screen if necessary), handouts, documents for recordkeeping, pens, highlighters, sticky notes, copies of the regulations if necessary…

I’ll provide you with my availability and you can choose the date that works best for you.  Of course, the further ahead you plan for your training the more availability I will have.

Onsite Training usually begins at 7:00 or 8:00 am and continues til 5:00 pm but this can be flexible.  I’ve done Onsite Training for 3rd shift personnel that started at 11:00 pm and ended at 7:00 am.  You let me know your schedule and I will provide the training.

But Onsite Training is more than just training.  I’ll arrive the day prior to the scheduled training to meet with you and prepare for the next day but also to conduct an inspection of your facility to gather final information for the next day’s training.  If allowed, I’ll take pictures to include in the training presentation as well (I’m sensitive to security concerns and will adhere to your company procedures).  This walk-around is a good time for me to directly point out areas of the facility where improvements can be made and where corrections must be made.

When the Onsite Training is complete we’re still not done.  I encourage customers to review the information I provide during the training and then contact me with follow-up questions in the days, weeks, months, years that follow.  I’m more than happy to answer any question you may have and at no cost.

How much does Onsite Training cost?

Your cost is low and simple to determine.  I provide one day (~8 hours) of training for a flat fee of $1,999.  The only variable is the number of trainees, and you can pack in as many as you like.  I just need a head-count prior to the training so I can create the training materials.  You pay only $10/trainee.  That $10 includes all the documents necessary to provide, document, record, and certify the training as required by the regulations.

In addition to the flat fee and per trainee fee your final Onsite Training cost will include reimbursement for my travel and lodging expenses.  While this amount varies, I travel cheap and can almost guarantee that it will not exceed $1,100.  I will, of course, provide receipts and an itemized list of expenses upon request.

One day is usually enough for most training requirements but if you need more time that can be arranged.  Training costs will vary based on the content (more varied content = more cost) and the time on-site.  A rough guide to additional day’s training is below.

  • A 2nd day of training for 1/2 day = $749 or $999 if multiple content
  • A 2nd day of training for a full day = $999 or $1,249 if multiple content

How do I schedule Onsite Training?

Contact me directly to schedule your Onsite Training and I’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule.  Please consider the following before contacting me.

  • Since I prefer to be on-site the day before training, first thing Monday morning is not a good time for Onsite Training.  Any other day of the week – including Saturday – is fine.
  • Scheduling will be easier if you have alternative dates in addition to your first choice.  Better is a range of availability that allows me some freedom to work with my schedule.
  • The further out from the current date you are willing to go, the more flexibility I have in my schedule.
  • There is no premium price for a “Quick Turnaround” on training.  If you require training right away, I’ll do everything I can to deliver it for you at no extra cost.
  • I understand that coordinating the required training with existing work schedules can be a challenge.  For that reason, I will start as early in the morning and work as late at night as you require.
  • Travel costs (especially flights) are more expensive if made within 30 days of planned departure.  The further out you can schedule your Onsite Training the better.

What are some of the advantages to Onsite Training:

  1. Encourages input from attendees.
  2. Focused on your facility and the regulations your employees need to know
  3. Provides everyone with the same training material.
  4. Trainees leave with a bound copy of the training materials.
  5. Train all of your employees in one day.
  6. Benefit from my time on-site to get answers to tough questions.
  7. At your site and on your schedule means no lost time or travel expenses.
  8. I provide all the documentation necessary to complete and record the training pursuant to the regulations.
  9. Each trainee receives a signed certificate of training.

Onsite Training FAQ’s:

1.  Why should I choose Onsite Training?

2.  What makes Daniels Training Services different?

3.  How long does Onsite Training take?

4.  My facility is in **********,**.  Do you travel that far for Onsite Training?

5.  Can Onsite Training be on a Saturday?

6.  What is a rough time-line for Onsite Training from beginning to end?

7.  Do I have to choose just one topic for my Onsite Training?

8.  Must Daniels Training Services Onsite Training be conducted at my facility?


1.  Why should I choose Onsite Training?  Several good reasons (see: Advantages to Onsite Training), perhaps the best is that you get site-specific training delivered directly to your employees by someone who knows the regulations and has worked with you to familiarize themselves with your facility and its operations.

2.  What makes your training different?  I’ve worked in the hazardous waste disposal industry and the environmental consulting industry for years.  I have the perspective of the waste carrier collecting hazardous waste and preparing it for transportation and that of a consultant representing the hazardous waste generator.  My work experience has given me an insight into what matters:  The delivery of your product or service safely and in compliance with the regulations.

3.  How long does Onsite Training take?  I will do whatever I can to fit the required training into your schedule, however, I have found it best to budget four (4) hours for a session of HazMat Employee Training and another four (4) hours for Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) Training.  Training doesn’t usually take the full four hours and will include at least one break.  For that reason, it usually takes one full day to complete two sessions of either training type.  When necessary, however, I have completed both together in only four hours.

4.  My facility is in **********,**.  Do you travel that far for Onsite Training?  Yes I do.  I am fortunate to live near Chicago, IL.  I am within reasonable driving time of most of the Midwest.  If more travel is necessary I am close to O’Hare airport and can be on a plane headed to anywhere in the world in a few hours.  I have had the opportunity to travel to every region of this country and can travel to where ever you are to provide you with the training you need.

5.  Can Onsite Training be on a Saturday?  Yes.  I prefer that my Onsite Training be preceded by a site visit the day prior to the scheduled training date.  This practically eliminates Monday but Saturday is just fine.  I’ll work any day but Sunday.

6.  What is a rough time-line for Onsite Training from beginning to end?

  1. You contact me to discuss your training needs.
  2. I provide you with an estimated cost.
  3. You agree to proceed.
  4. I submit to you my available dates and a questionnaire to gather information about your site.
  5. You return the completed questionnaire to me and I continue to work on your training presentation while we confirm a training date.
  6. Training date scheduled, training presentation completed, you provide me the final head-count for the training and I will print and prepare the documents.
  7. I will arrive the day prior to the scheduled training to meet with you and prepare for the next day’s training.
  8. Training will be provided to meet the regulatory requirements and much more!
  9. I leave you with all documents necessary to record the training per the regulations.
  10. Within a week of the training date I will mail you a certificate of training for each trainee.  I will also include explicit instructions on how to file the recordkeeping documents I left with you the day of the training.
  11. You and your employees contact me with any questions regarding the training content or the regulations.

7.  Do I have to choose just one topic for my Onsite Training?  No.  Your Onsite Training can include any regulatory training topic I am able to provide.  The training topics can be combined in any way to meet the specific needs of your facility.  Some of my customers only require Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) training; others need both RCRA training and HazMat Employee training.  Some require both RCRA and HazMat Employee and the training required by international agencies such as ICAO/IATA (for transport by air) and IMO (for transport by vessel).  Whatever you need I will work with you to provide.

8.  Must Daniels Training Services Onsite Training be conducted at my facility?  No.  If you lack the space or resources at your facility to conduct the training it can be done at an off-site location of your choosing.  What ever you choose (at your facility or off-site location) it will be up to you to make any arrangements and pay for costs.  I will show up where you tell me and provide the training you need.