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Exide to pay $225,000 fine for EPA violations at Frisco plant

Exide to pay $225,000 fine for EPA violations at Frisco plant

By Anthony Tosie, atosie@starlocalnews.com

Following several years of violating federal environmental regulations with its Frisco lead-acid battery recycling plant, Exide Technologies has agreed to pay a $225,000 fine to the Environmental Protection Agency.

The fine comes as the result of violations the agency found at the Frisco plant in regards to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act following December 2009 and December 2010 inspections. Exide has paid similar fines for violating other federal laws in recent years.

Violations were found regarding the spread of dust, handling of waste and maintenance of required equipment, among other issues.

One such violation, according to the settlement, occurred when “EPA [officials] collected evidence during the 2009 and 2010 facility inspections showing that the hood installed at the reverberatory furnace was a partial hood enclosure that has openings which allow fugitive emissions to escape.”

Another violation the EPA states its officials witnessed included Exide vehicles failing to use a vehicle wash after visiting the plant’s raw materials storage building. The settlement agreement also claims Exide was unable to provide records for several safety and health requirements, such as a full plan for preventing the spread of dust emissions.

As part of the settlement, Exide will continue testing samples of solid waste according to guidelines given by the EPA. The company is also required to continue working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the remediation of contaminated land.

Exide has 30 days from the settlement’s Dec. 18 filing to pay the $225,000 fine.

The Frisco-based battery recycling plant is currently in the process of being demolished following an agreement with the city. Part of that process includes TCEQ-overseen decontamination of the land the plant resides on as well as the proper disposal and cleaning of facilities and equipment prior to demolition.

Exide is currently accepting questions regarding the plant’s closure at its website. Earlier this week, the company posted an action plan regarding the landfill on the site which is home to hazardous materials.

According to that plan, however, Exide will retreat the hazardous materials currently in the landfill until analysis finds the materials to be in compliance with federal standards. After the materials comply with federal standards, the materials will be placed back in the landfill.

The company’s website is currently accepting questions on the landfill action plan. To read the plan or submit a question, click here.