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Social Media Options & Newsletter

Do you use social media to stay informed of the USEPA’s hazardous waste regulations and the USDOT HazMat Transportation regulations?

…I can help.

Blog – My blog isn’t a collection of stories about how great I am.  Each one is a thoroughly researched article about the regulations of the USEPA, your State, or the USDOT/PHMSA.  It’s a great way to regularly receive helpful information about HazMat transportation and hazardous waste handling.
Newsletter – Monthly and delivered via email through Constant Contact.  It’s a great way to get all of the content of my blog delivered to your in-basket where you can print and read at your leisure.  Also included is my schedule of Public Training Seminars, Onsite Training, and Webinars so you can see where I’ll be next.
Twitter – When I started this business, I was certain I would never “tweet”.  But, three months later, there I was on twitter.  I have found it to be a great platform to broadcast my content.  It’s the same content that appears in my blog, tweeted throughout the month.  If you’re on twitter you can re-tweet mine to your followers.
LinkedIn – “facebook for people with jobs…” Or maybe not in this economy.  I use LinkedIn similar to twitter to distribute the articles from my blog.  LinkedIn has the added advantage of creating networks of people within an industry.  You may also ‘recommend’ my training to others which I would greatly appreciate.
Slideshare Logo Slideshare – A great platform for sharing presentations I’ve created for specific audiences (eg. Hazardous Waste Management in MichiganUniversal Waste in Iowa & Illinois, more…) or explanations of regulatory exceptions, exclusions and exemptions.  I upload preiodically, so either follow me or check back regularly for new stuff.
Facebook – I try to keep the content on my facebook page a little lighter and less text-heavy than the other social media platforms.  ‘Like’ my fb page and you’ll see images of hazardous materials and hazardous waste as I come across them along with links to interesting information.