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A Notice From the Ohio EPA Regarding the 2013 Hazardous Waste Report – Reminder and Changes

A Notice From the Ohio EPA Regarding the 2013 Hazardous Waste Report – Reminder and Changes

Below is the text from a notice from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Biennial Hazardous Waste Report due March 1, 2014 for calendar year 2013.  Read here how this once annual report was changed to biennial in 2012.

The reporting season has begun for the 2013 Hazardous Waste Report, which is due on March 1, 2014. This report is required of any facility that generated 2200 pounds or more of hazardous waste (or 2.2 pounds or more of acute hazardous waste) in any calendar month in 2013.

There are no changes to the reporting process, which means no changes to the eBusiness data entry screens or paper forms. eBiz users can now access reports from their facility’s entire period of record. In the past users were only able to access reports from 2009 or later. The only changes for the 2013 report itself are changes to some of the Management Method Codes and to the Waste Minimization Codes. You can see a list of these changes on pages 2 to 3, 29 to 30 and 62 in the Hazardous Waste Report Instructions. If you are filing a paper report or importing data files make sure that you are using correct and up to date codes or your report will fail data validation.

If you haven’t filed electronically before, please consider doing so this year. The software has many features that help you prepare the report quickly and more accurately than on paper. The software allows the user to validate some of the information provided in the report which helps to reduce the possibility of violations. It also includes the ability to copy a previous year’s report as a starting point for a new report, even if you haven’t filed electronically in the past. Remember, Ohio EPA recently started collecting Hazardous Waste Reports biennially. So the most recent report you will be able to access is from 2011. If you do plan on filing electronically this year for the first time make sure to start the process early so you can obtain a PIN and associate your Responsible Official with your facility.

The Responsible Official for the facility is the person who gets the electronic filing process started by applying for the eDRUMS service. To determine if you meet the requirement for either a Responsible Official or Delegated Responsible Official please reference OAC 3745-50-42. Begin by accessing our training materials on the hazardous waste reporting web page. These consist of three recorded webinars, or PDF copies of the PowerPoint presentations from the webinars:

  1. Getting Started in the eBusiness Center
  2. Applying for and Delegating the HW Service
  3. Preparing a Report in eDRUMS.

If your facility’s report was filed electronically for 2011 but there have been personnel changes, it’s time to have new users get eBiz accounts or terminate access rights for users no longer involved with the facility’s report. For information on removing preparers or Responsible Officials, see “Changing Roles in eBiz” on the Report web page.

If you have any questions, including questions or concerns about getting started in eBiz, please contact:

Thomas Babb, Hazardous Waste Report Coordinator

(614) 914-2527


Paula Canter, System Administrator

(614) 644-2923

If you are a facility that is required to file an Annual Ground Water Monitoring Report in addition to the HWR please read these updates for the 2013 Reporting cycle.

If you are required to submit the biennial hazardous waste report in Ohio, that means you are also required to provide formal training (classroom or on-the-job) to all facility personnel annually so they are able to manage hazardous waste in compliance with the regulations (Ohio has an authorized hazardous waste program, so you must refer to state regulations).  In addition to hazardous waste management procedures, employees must be trained on your facility’s emergency response procedures.  I can provide this training (also HazMat Employee training required by the USDOT) in a variety of formats:  Seminars, Onsite, Web-Based.  Please contact me for a free consultation about your training requirements.