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Onsite Training Schedule

Do you want all of your employees to receive the same training right at your facility?

…I can help.

My Onsite Training is a cost-effective way to train all of your employees to a high level of competence.  My Onsite Training is site-specific, thorough, engaging, and informative.  Do more than just meet the regulatory requirements with my Onsite Training.  Read below to find out more about my Onsite Training.

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What is Onsite Training?

For my Onsite Training I bring the training presentation directly to your employees at your location.  Onsite Training can be on any training topic or combination of topics you require and can be for one-half day, a full day, or several days if that is necessary to complete the training.  My Onsite Training is the most in-depth, site-specific, interactive, and thorough training I can provide.  I deliver it myself, live and in-person to your employees.

Trainees are allowed to interrupt, interject, question, or comment at any point in the training.  I will either answer the questions on the spot or research the topic and provide a follow-up answer soon thereafter.  I use strategies to engage the trainees and force them to answer questions throughout the training instead of merely testing them at the training’s conclusion.

I provide everything necessary to prepare, deliver, and document the training.  You need only provide a room and a place for the trainees to sit.

How does Onsite Training work?

Once the decision has been made for Onsite Training the first thing I will do is submit to you a list of questions applicable to your chosen training topic.  Even before you return the questionnaire to me I will be researching your facility and its operations (google search) and the applicable regulations.  With the return of the completed questionnaire I will further refine the training presentation to address solely the regulations to which you are subject.  (Don’t ship HazMat by rail?  Then I won’t include information about placarding rail tank cars.)  I will likely have follow-up questions for you as I continue to research the regulations and prepare your training presentation.  The more information you can provide, the better I can prepare for the training.

Prior to or during this time of preparation a date must be chosen for the Onsite Training.  I will provide you with my available dates and you may select the right one for you.  The more lead time you can provide the more available dates I will have and the more time to prepare for the training.

Whatever date is chosen for training I will plan to arrive no later than the afternoon of the day prior for a site visit.  During this pre-training site visit I will – with your assistance – gather more information about your site by reviewing records, walking through the facility, speaking to knowledgeable employees, and taking pictures – if allowed – to include in the training presentation the next day.  I have found it greatly improves the training to show employees what compliance looks like at their facility.

I will provide everything necessary to deliver and document the training.  All you need to provide is a room and a place for your employees to sit.

When Onsite Training is complete I will provide you with certificates of training for all trainees along with directions on how to file the documents to complete the required record of the training.

All of this for one flat fee.

Cargo Tank Truck of Compressed GasHow much does Onsite Training Cost?

My basic fee is one day (~8 hours) of Onsite Training for a flat fee of $1,999.  This one day may consist of two training sessions, e.g. HazMat Employee and Hazardous Waste Personnel or a single training session delivered in-depth.

If more than one day of training is necessary, e.g. the domestic and international transportation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods usually requires several days or you require several sessions of the same training spread out over several days to catch all shifts, costs will have to be calculated on a case-by-case basis but the following is a rough estimate of costs in addition to the $1,999 flat fee:

  • Second day of training completed by noon, same training content = $500.
  • Second day of training completed by noon, new training content = $750.
  • Second full day of training = $1,000.
  • Third full day of training = $1,749

One day too much?  A cost as low as $749 is possible depending on your training needs and travel distance.

Other variables that affect Onsite Training costs:

  • There is a $10/trainee cost to provide training materials, certificates of training, & etc.
  • If copies of the regulations are necessary, i.e. for in-depth training, I can provide them for $35/each.
  • I am reimbursed for my actual travel costs.  I travel cheap and will provide copies of all receipts upon request.

What types of Onsite Training can I choose from?

Below is a list of the training topics I offer.  Your Onsite Training can be any one or combination of two or more of them.

Another benefit to my Onsite Training is that content not directly addressed by the above regulations can be included at your direction.  Want to emphasize the need for housekeeping?  Are there SOPs for employees to follow?  Been “dinged” by a corporate or regulatory audit?  Whatever you want I will include it in the training and connect it to the need for compliance.

How do I schedule Onsite Training?

Contact me directly to schedule your Onsite Training and I’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule.  Please consider the following before contacting me.

  • Since I prefer to be on-site the day before training, first thing Monday morning is not a good time for Onsite Training.  Any other day of the week – including Saturday – is fine.
  • Scheduling will be easier if you have alternative dates in addition to your first choice.  Better is a range of availability that allows me some freedom to work with my schedule.
  • The further out from the current date you are willing to go, the more flexibility I have in my schedule.
  • There is no premium price for a “Quick Turnaround” on training.  If you require training right away, I’ll do everything I can to deliver it for you at no extra cost.
  • I understand that coordinating the required training with existing work schedules can be a challenge.  For that reason, I will start as early in the morning and work as late at night as you require.

Advantages to Onsite Training:Corrosive Flammable Hazardous Waste

  • Train all of your employees at one time.  No more scattered training dates to keep track.
  • Your able to budget in advance as training renewal dates approach.
  • Onsite Training is a great training option when you have many trainees (>10) or require in-depth training.
  • Training is site-specific.  We don’t waste time instructing your employees on regulations that don’t apply to them.
  • Training is delivered live by me.  The same person who creates the training program delivers it and answers all of your questions.
  • All of your employees hear the same training content.
  • Trainees receive an easy-to-follow print out of the presentation as a record.  Support documents are included as well.
  • I will answer your questions before, during, and after the presentation.
  • No travel costs for you and limited loss of production for your employees.
  • Training is engaging and interactive.  Trainees can’t just sit through the training and wake-up long enough at the end to take the test at the end.
  • I provide all the documentation necessary to complete and record the training pursuant to the regulations.

Frequently asked questions about Onsite Training:

1.  Why should I choose Onsite Training?

2.  What makes Daniels Training Services different?

3.  How long does Onsite Training take?

4.  How much does Onsite Training cost?

5.  What topics may Onsite Training include?

6.  Can Onsite Training be site-specific?

7.  Will Onsite Training bore me and my employees with information we don’t need to know?


1.  Why should I choose Onsite Training?  Several good reasons.  Perhaps the best is that you get site-specific training delivered directly to your employees at your site by a person knowledgeable of the regulations and familiar with your facility and its operations.

2.  What makes Daniels Training Services different?  My work experience has been within the regulated industry.  Whether driving a truck loaded with hazardous waste or working with industrial facilities to comply with the regulations, my perspective is that of the person, business, government agency, or academic institution striving to understand the regulations.

3.  How long does Onsite Training take?  I will do whatever I can to complete the training you require in the time you have available.  I have found it best to plan on four (4) hours for a single session of HazMat Employee training or hazardous waste personnel (RCRA) training.  More in-depth training, such as when the international regulations are involved, will require more time.5-gallon drum of Class 3 Flammable Liquid Adhesive

4.  How much does Onsite Training cost?  One day (8 hours) of Onsite Training on any topic is a flat fee of $1,999.  More than one day of training will cost more depending on the time and the content.  There is also a $10/trainee rate to provide training materials.  And, of course, travel expenses.  I will only bill you for my actual travel expenses (receipts provided upon request).  I do my best to keep travel costs low by bringing my food with me and staying at simple hotels.  There may also be an added expense if I have to provide copies of the regulations to used during the training.

5.  What topics may Onsite Training include?  As long as its a regulatory topic that I am knowledgeable of, I can deliver the training mandated by its regulations.  Onsite Training can include any one or any combination of the following:

6.  Can my Onsite Training be site-specific?  Yes!  That’s the whole point of Onsite Training.  The Onsite Training of Daniels Training Services will only address the regulations – Federal, state, or international – that apply to your facility and your operations.  It will likely include some regulations that you didn’t even know applied to you.

7.  Will Onsite Training bore me and my employees with information we don’t need to know?  No!  One thing I strive for after accuracy and thoroughness is to ensure the training content is applicable to the operations of your employees at your site.