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On-Site Training by Daniels Training Services

On-Site Training by Daniels Training Services

The last few weeks have been busy, and the next few look to be busy as well (no complaints).  Besides my Public Training Workshops held weekly throughout the year, I have had to provide on-site training, sometimes on short notice.  What is on-site training?  And why does it consume so much of my time?  The answer to the first question is simple:  For one low flat fee, I will bring my high-quality training (DOT HazMat Employee and EPA Hazardous Waste Personnel) to your company or to another location if more convenient for you.  The answer to the second question is due to the extra work that goes into creating on-site training for a facility.  My list of  On-Site Training Benefits below will make this clear.

 On-Site Training Benefits:

  • Eliminate time lost traveling to distant training.  No matter the length of off-site training, you have to assume you will lose an entire day’s productivity if employees must travel.  There is no loss of time when I bring the training to you.
  • Save money on travel, food, and lodging costs.  By having the training at your site, using your existing resources, your ancillary costs are virtually nil.  Having some sandwiches delivered would be nice, though.
  • Flexibility in scheduling.  Need the training to start at 5am and go until 7pm in order to catch all the shifts?  No problem.  Need training on a Saturday?  No problem.  Need more than one day of training?  Again, no problem.  I’ve conducted training in all sorts of circumstances and times.  I understand the needs of production and the difficulty in taking people away from work to attend training.  Let me work with you to ensure you get the training you need without sacrificing production.
  • Site specific training.  I will work with you to construct a training presentation that focuses on the regulations that affect your facility (Federal, State, and local) and ignores those that don’t.  If possible, I tour the site with you the day before the training taking pictures (if allowed) that I incorporate into the training.  The training will inform your employees of the regulations and then reveal how they are (or are not) in practice at your facility.  Both HazMat Employee training and Hazardous Waste Personnel training requires site-specific information in order to be complete, a general overview of the regulations will not do.
  • Employee interaction.  One thing I enjoy about on-site training is when an issue I have brought up spurs discussion among trainees.  If the right mix of managers and shop-floor employees are present a resolution of an issue may result.  Those times I like to stand back and let the discussion proceed, providing direction from the regulations if necessary, the training can wait.
  • Coordination of information.  Nothing is more frustrating than arguments over the regulations due to different trainers providing different opinions.  With on-site training everyone hears the same information from the same source.
  • Answers to your questions.  I won’t pretend I know the answer if I don’t.  Instead I’ll write your question down and get you an answer at a later date.

    The Downside to On-Site Training:

    Well, you don’t have that nice long drive through traffic.  And no overnight stay in a luxury hotel…
    So, with all those benefits and no discernible downside, why not consider on-site training?  Cost for on-site training is low and when you figure in the benefits listed above, you’ll come out way ahead.  Contact me for a free consultation to determine your training needs.