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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

One of the great joys and challenges of having my own business has been working closely with my wife to make it work.  We discussed me quitting my job to start this business extensively, but in the end it was my decision, and I made it knowing I had the experience to provide quality training to my customers.  What I didn’t know:  making arrangements for travel, food, and lodging, and handling the finances I delegated to her.  While I had to learn a lot in order to put together my training materials, I at least had 20+ years experience in the industry to build on.  She has performed beautifully despite having no prior experience with the responsibilities I gave her.  It means a lot to me to know that I need only tell her where I’m going and when and leave the rest up to her.  The day before my travel she provides me with everything I need to know to get to the job and back safely, and she does it wonderfully.

But first and foremost, she is my Wife and the Mother of our three beautiful children.  She has always been my best friend and will always be my companion.  I know that the health and well-being of our home and our children rests largely in her capable hands.

It is my great hope that as my business grows and succeeds I can require less of her and we are able to spend more time together.  More than anything, I am glad that she is the Mother of, and Mom to, my children.

I love you Charlotte!