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Do you need On-site HazMat Employee & RCRA Training?

…I can help.


What is Onsite Training?

Perhaps you can’t find a convenient date and location among my Webinar Training Schedule.  Or, perhaps you have several employees that need training and the cost is prohibitive.  Or, you simply want the best HazMat Employee & RCRA Training available, tailored to your site-specific needs, presented at your site, all for one flat fee of $1,999 and $10/trainee.  If so, then Onsite Training is for you.

How Does Onsite Training work?

You provide [1] the venue (your facility, a nearby meeting room, whatever), [2] the people (your employees, of course; but others are welcome as well, such as contractors, or invite the neighbors!), [3] food and refreshments for your people, and [4] the information I need to create a site-specific training presentation for your operations.  Don’t worry about #4, I will work with you to get the necessary information.

I provide everything else:  the equipment to present the training, trainee handouts, documentation for recordkeeping, and an opportunity for you to have me come in and reinforce what you’ve been saying all along.  ‘Cause let’s face it, your employees are more likely to listen to an outsider than they are to you.

Though the standard training is scheduled for one day, I prefer to arrive the day before to meet with you, review the venue, and to learn more about your operations through a tour of the facility.  I also will take photos – if allowed – to use in the training.  For this reason I prefer training not take place on a Monday.  A Saturday, however, is fine.

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Where do you want that Onsite Training?

And don’t worry about how far apart we are (I’m in the Chicago area) or how remote you are.  I’ll travel anywhere in this country to provide training!

How Much Does Onsite Training Cost?

Your cost is low and simple to determine.  I provide one day (~8 hours) of training for a flat fee of $1,999.  The only variable is the number of trainees, and you can pack in as many as you like.  I just need a headcount prior to the training so I can create the training materials.  You only pay $10/trainee.

Your cost also includes reimbursement for my travel and lodging expenses.  While this varies, I travel cheap and can almost guarantee that this amount will be no more than $1,100.  I will, of course, provide receipts and an itemized list of expenses upon request.

If you need me to go longer than one day, that must be calculated case-by-case, but the following is a rough estimate:

  • A 2nd day of training where I am done by 12 noon = $500 extra.
  • A 2nd day of training that goes past 12 noon = $750 extra.
  • A 2nd day full day of training = $1,000

What Do RCRA and HazMat Training Courses Onsite Include?

Every training is different since each is based on a facility’s site-specific requirements.  However, the outlines below will give you an idea of what you can expect for content.  Don’t see something you want covered in the training?  Let me know and I’ll be glad to include it in your training.


How do I schedule Onsite Training?

Contact me directly to schedule your Onsite Training and I’ll work with you to accommodate your schedule.  Please consider the following before contacting me.

  • Since I prefer to be on-site the day before training, first thing Monday morning is not a good time for Onsite Training.  Any other day of the week – including Saturday – is fine.
  • Scheduling will be easier if you have alternative dates in addition to your first choice.  Better is a range of availability that allows me some freedom to work with my schedule.
  • The further out from the current date you are willing to go, the more flexibility I have in my schedule.
  • There is no premium price for a “Quick Turnaround” on training.  If you require training right away, I’ll do everything I can to deliver it for you at no extra cost.
  • I understand that coordinating the required training with existing work schedules can be a challenge.  For that reason, I will start as early in the morning and work as late at night as you require.

Advantages to Onsite Training:

  1. Encourages input from attendees.
  2. Focused on your facility and the regulations your employees need to know
  3. Provides everyone with the same training material.
  4. Train all of your employees in one day.
  5. Benefit from my time on-site to get answers to tough questions.
  6. At your site and on your schedule means no lost time or travel expenses.
  7. I provide all the documentation necessary to complete and record the training pursuant to the regulations.


Onsite Training FAQ’s:

Why should I choose Onsite Training?

Several good reasons (see: Advantages to Onsite Training), perhaps the best is that you get site-specific training delivered directly to your employees by someone who knows the regulations and has worked with you to familiarize themselves with your facility and its operations.

What makes your training different?

I’ve worked in the hazardous waste disposal industry and the environmental consulting industry for years.  I have the perspective of the waste carrier collecting hazardous waste and preparing it for transportation and that of a consultant representing the hazardous waste generator.  My work experience has given me an insight into what matters:  The delivery of your product or service safely and in compliance with the regulations.

How long does Onsite Training take?

I will do whatever I can to fit the required training into your schedule, however, I have found it best to budget four (4) hours for a session of HazMat Employee Training and another four (4) hours for Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) Training.  Training doesn’t usually take the full four hours and will include at least one break.  For that reason, it usually takes one full day to complete two sessions of either training type.  When necessary, however, I have completed both together in only four hours.