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Q&A: Shipping Description for UN1005, Anhydrous Ammonia

Q&A: Shipping Description for UN1005, Anhydrous Ammonia

From a member of the printing industry (not a customer) on December 14, 2016:
I’m looking for information on Anhydrous Ammonia,  I need the shipping paper detail for Anhydrous Ammonia 1005.  I’m a printer and have customers looking this information…. any information or direction on where to obtain the detail would be great!
My reply that day (12.14.16):
I can provide you with that information.
I am traveling today returning to the office tomorrow Thursday December 15th.
I will be able to get you the information you require no later than Friday December 16th.
My final reply – as promised – on December 16, 2016:
I will attempt to answer your question and provide information below:
  • There are two entries for anyhydrous ammonia in the Hazardous Materials Table at 49 CFR 171.101.  One is for use in international transportation (indicated by an ‘I’ in column 1) and the second is for use within the U.S. (indicated by a ‘D’ for Domestic in column 1).
  • Proper shipping description for use within the U.S.:  UN1005, Ammonia, anhydrous, 2.2.
    • Note:  As a compressed gas of Class 2, this HazMat is not assigned a packing group.
  • Per special provision 13 in column 7 the words “Inhalation Hazard” must be marked on the following:
  • No packaging exception is available for this HazMat.  This is indicated by the word “none” in column 8A of the Hazardous Materials Table.
  • This HazMat is forbidden for transport by air.  This is indicated by the words “none” in both columns 9A – for passenger aircraft – and 9B – for cargo aircraft – of the Hazardous Materials Table.
  • Authorized packagings are identified at 49 CFR 173.304 (non-bulk) and 173.314 & 315 for bulk.
I hope this helps.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions.
And that must have done it because I didn’t hear from him again.
As you can see from the above, the transport of hazardous material can be made more complex when the variations created by column 1 (symbols) or column 7 (special provisions) of the Hazardous Materials Table are considered.  Contact me when you don’t know how to proceed and I will provide you with guidance.  Even if you’re not a customer!

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