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Q&A: Who is Required to Sign the Shipping Paper for a Hazardous Material?

Q&A: Who is Required to Sign the Shipping Paper for a Hazardous Material?

A question from a regular inquisitor regarding the Hazardous Material Regulations (5.17.16):

Good morning.
Question- We generate our own manifest or shipping papers for both hazardous and non hazardous loads.
We produce our own chemicals and ship/carry them to job sites.
That being the case, is the driver/employee required to sign the manifest?

My reply that same day:

Thank you for contacting me.  I’ll try to answer your question below:

  • A signature or certification is not required from the driver/carrier on a HazMat shipping paper.  Your company is the carrier of the HazMat since you transport it in commerce.
  • 49 CFR 172.204 requires a signature certification from the shipper of a hazardous material (your company is also the shipper of the HazMat since you offer it for transportation).


  • 49 CFR 172.204(b)(1)(ii) includes an exception from the requirement for a shipper certification if the shipper is acting as a private carrier (i.e. transporting its own HazMat) and the HazMat will not be reshipped or transferred to another carrier.
In sum, based on what you described, your HazMat shipping paper does not require a signature or certification from either the shipper or the carrier (your company is both of these).
Once again a simple, but important, question is answered and the business of HazMat transportation can continue:
Thanks again.
Not included in my correspondence but helpful:

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