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Introduction to Hazardous Waste Webinar Series by the Michigan DEQ

Introduction to Hazardous Waste Webinar Series by the Michigan DEQ

The Michigan DEQ requires annual training for hazardous waste personnel

For a business in Michigan what better way is there to learn the correct method of regulatory compliance than to get it right from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ)? And here are a few more chances to do just that!
MDEQ has two upcoming dates to attend live webinars on the management of hazardous waste in the Wolverine State.

hazardous waste containersAccumulation, Storage, and Labeling Requirements

March 11
10:00 – 11:00 AM
This second webinar in the series will provide an overview of the requirements associated with onsite hazardous waste management, including: accumulation limits and timelines, storage requirements for hazardous waste in designated storage areas and satellite containers, container labeling requirements, closed container requirements, and Subpart CC requirements.

Generator Record keeping and Inspections
hazardous waste generator recordkeeping

An LQG must maintain records of its hazardous waste management for three years.

March 19
10:00 – 11:00 AM
This third webinar of the series provides an overview of the records that a hazardous waste generator is required to maintain, including waste characterizations, monthly waste inventory, uniform manifests, and land disposal restriction notifications. The webinar will also provide an overview of what to expect during a DEQ hazardous waste inspection.

This is good stuff and I highly recommend you take advantage of it. Afterwards, if you realize you or your employees require the Hazardous Waste Personnel training required by RCRA I recommend you attend my Training Seminar in Detroit, MI on April 23, 2015 where you’ll fulfill the training requirements of the USEPA, MDEQ, and USDOT all in one day!

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