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Comply with PHMSA/USDOT Regulations as you Celebrate the Fourth of July

Comply with PHMSA/USDOT Regulations as you Celebrate the Fourth of July

Comply with PHMSA/USDOT Regulations as you Celebrate the Fourth of July

Division 1.4 Explosives FireworksThe purchase and use of fireworks are subject to State and local regulations, but their transportation in commerce is subject to the regulations of the PHMSA/USDOT.  If you intend to transport any fireworks to celebrate the holiday, be sure you are aware of the applicability of the Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR) and what is required for compliance.

You must first determine if your activity is subject to the regulations.  The determination of applicability hinges on one critical question:  “Are the fireworks (or any hazardous material for that matter) transported by an individual for non-commercial purposes in a private motor vehicle, including a leased or rented motor vehicle?”

If “yes”, then the activity is not subject to regulation under the HMR [49 CFR 171.1(d)(6) and 11-0009].
If “no”, then the transportation of the fireworks will be subject to the HMR.
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Enjoy the 4th! Transport Fireworks Safely!

It is for those that answer “no” that the PHMSA/USDOT created this flyer:  PHMSA Guidance for the Transportation of Fireworks/Explosives, to educate the regulated community about the applicable regulations for the transportation of fireworks in commerce.  Regulatory requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • UN certified packaging filled and closed per package manufacturer instructions.
  • Use of the required HazMat Labels and Markings.
  • Shipment must be accompanied by a shipping paper that describes the Fireworks as Division 1.4 G Explosiveshazardous material and includes emergency response information.
  • Properly secure and segregate the hazardous material within the vehicle.
  • Depending on the type and amount of fireworks transported, the following may be required:
  • HazMat Employee Training is required for all involved in its transportation:  shippers, carriers, handlers, supervisors, etc.

UN0336, FireworksDon’t spoil your 4th of July celebration by violating the HMR.  Significant civil penalties (max of $175,000/violation/day), criminal penalties ($250,000/violation/day), and imprisonment (10 years) are possible.

Once the show is over, any waste generated may be subject to the Hazardous Waste regulations (RCRA) of the USEPA and your state.

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If you ship or transport fireworks – or other explosives – you may be subject to the regulations of the PHMSA

Additional guidance from the PHMSA is available for those involved in the transportation of fireworks or other explosives:

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