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Training Costs

Is your training budget limited?

…I can help.

Cost can be the most important factor in selecting your training, perhaps the only factor.  And that’s OK, because not only is my training better than the rest, it’s also a very good price.
More important than price is value. What value are you getting for your money?  While it is possible to meet the bare minimum of the regulatory requirements with low-cost training, you will not get a return in value for the money and time spent.  By investing a few dollars more on superior training you will receive a return on your investment????

Also, the training I provide may be all you need for several years (see below for training frequency).  So, the cost you pay now has to be considered as a one, two, or even three year investment.

Training frequencies as required by the applicable regulations:

  • Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) training for large quantity generator: initial (w/i 180 days) and annual.
  • Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) training for small quantity generator: unspecified.
  • Hazardous Waste Personnel (RCRA) training for conditionally exempt small quantity generator (or very small quantity generator): not required but a good idea.
  • HazMat Employee (DOT) training:  initial (w/i 90 days) and triennial (every three years).
  • ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods training for transport by air: initial and biennial (every two years).
  • IMO Dangerous Goods training for transport by vessel: initial (w/i 90 days) and triennial (every three years).

Onsite Training:

  • $1,999 for one day (~8 hours of training).  May be any combination of training topics you require.
  • $3,249 for two days of different training.  $2,999 if same training content. This can be discussed.
  • $10/trainee for me to provide all necessary documents for training, certification, and recordkeeping.
  • $35/copy to provide the applicable regulations for use in training, if necessary.
  • Reimbursement for my travel costs. Don’t worry, I travel cheap!  Receipts provided upon request.

Webinar Training:

  • Public Webinar:  $189/person.  Schedule.
  • Site-Specific Webinar:  $999 for single subject (3-4 hours).  $1,499 for two or more subjects (6-8 hours).
  • Scheduled Webinar:  $749 for single subject (3-4 hours).  $999 for two or more subjects (6-8 hours).

Self-Guided Training:

Costs for Self-Guided Training can vary based on your needs.  Training content in the form of a Power Point presentation can be provided for as low as $1,999 if Onsite Training has already been done.  If you are a new customer and your training needs are site-specific, it will require more time and more cost.  In this situation you will own the training content and can use how you wish.

I do not currently have a learning management system to provide my training content.  If you have your own platform I can provide the content or we can arrange for me to provide the platform if necessary.  These conditions will affect the cost.  If the content is provided through an on-line learning management system we will make arrangements for a pay-per-use or subscription fee.

Speaking Engagements:

Costs will vary depending on the nature of the training and other arrangements.  However, I will work with you to ensure the training is profitable for everyone.