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Do you have a question about the transportation of hazardous materials or the management of waste?

…I can help.

My business is providing training and consulting services for persons who ship, receive, or transport hazardous materials – international and domestic – and those who generate a waste: hazardous, non-hazardous, universal, & used oil.  But I will also answer any question you may have about the above topics and help you negotiate your way through the Federal, state, and international regulations.

I’ve designed my website to be a source of information for persons who need more information about the regulations of the PHMSA/USDOT, USEPA (and your state), ICAO/IATA, and the IMO. Use my Quick Links to learn what training you need at Why RCRA TrainingWhy HazMat Employee Training? or, Why IATA or IMO Training?  You can also search My Blog for articles I’ve written on a variety of topics or Subscribe to my Newsletter to receive monthly updates of those articles and more.

If you know you need  training but are uncertain on the right format, refer to Training Options in the menu bar. In the menu bar you’ll also find my Training Schedule and Cost for training under Places & Prices.

If you’re interested, you can learn all About me and my business.

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IATA & IMO Dangerous Goods Training

Client Testimonials

It was very well prepared and presented. You kept it interesting, kept it moving, and made sure we were kept included.

Dwight A. DaigleAmerican RecoveryHouma, LA