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Use of the New Hazard Class 9 Lithium Battery Label

Use of the New Hazard Class 9 Lithium Battery Label

The transportation in commerce of a package containing a lithium battery is subject to both domestic and international transportation regulations.  Depending on the classification of the lithium battery package several types of hazard communication methods (labels and/or package marks) may be mandatory.  One significant change to the hazard communication regulations for lithium batteries or cells is the phase in of the new Hazard Class 9 Lithium Battery label to replace the currently used Class 9 Miscellaneous label.

This short Power Point presentation will summarize these changes and the deadlines for compliance.


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International and Domestic

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It is important to note that the changes summarized here will become effective in all modes of transportation (highway, rail, vessel, air) and both domestic (PHMSA/USDOT) and international (ICAO/IATA and IMO) in the same way at the same time.