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Q&A: Use of the Dangerous Placard on a Motor Vehicle in Transportation

Q&A: Use of the Dangerous Placard on a Motor Vehicle in Transportation

A question from someone I’ve assisted in the past (April 21, 2015):

Daniel…..lend me your thoughts…..


Example: I have 2500 lbs. of flammable so I know I have to placard for it Hazard class 8 corrosive placardspecifically.  I also have 200 pounds of corrosive.  Would  I placard for dangerous as well since my gross weight of everything is over 1001, or does placarding for the flammable reset my requirements of 1001 lbs. for placarding for dangerous for the rest.

Placard for Class 3 Flammable LiquidWe have a mix of opinions about the use of the dangerous placard in this scenario.  I myself believe the flammable and dangerous placard should be displayed in the above scenario.  As always I value your opinon and thoughts.  Thanks in advance..

My reply the next day (4.22.15):

Thank you for contacting me.  Below are your options for the situation you describe:

  1. Placard both flammable and corrosive except as noted in #3.
  2. Placard Dangerous only except as noted in #3.
  3. If the 2,500 lb of flammable was loaded at one location, then the Flammable placard must be displayed for it specifically and the Corrosive placard must be displayed for the remaining 200 lb of corrosive.

Please note:

  • I assume these are all in non-bulk packagings.
  • Placarding requirements are based on the gross aggregate weight of HazMat on the vehicle (including the weight of the packaging).  Once you meet or exceed the 1,001 lbs threshold you must placard for each HazMat or remove all placards and display Dangerous.
  • However, when 2,205 lbs or more of one HazMat is loaded at one loading facility, then the placard for that HazMat must be displayed.
I can provide more information and cite the applicable regulations if necessary.
Please contact me if you have any other questions.


Apparently he didn’t have any other questions, because I didn’t hear from him after that.

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