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State Department Approves Canadian Company’s Plan to Transport More Oil to the U.S.

State Department Approves Canadian Company’s Plan to Transport More Oil to the U.S.

The Bullet:

In order to avoid a possibly lengthy review process similar to that of the Keystone XL pipeline, Enbridge, Inc. has proposed – and had it accepted by the U.S. State Department – an alternative.

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Enbridge, Inc. is a Canadian energy infrastructure company.


The State Department, gave the green light to Enbridge on its new plan, Bloomberg News reports.


The effects of such a decision are likely to be felt throughout North America.


Uncertain of the timeline, but based on the tenor of the article I believe this decision is currently in affect.


The approved plan avoids a review process similar to that faced by the Keystone XL pipeline.


Quite simply: switch the crude oil from one pipeline to another before it crosses the border.


Kate Jacobson, of MN350, a climate group that joined the National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club and more in voicing concern over the pipeline:

The State Department has violated the public’s right to transparency and participation in approval of projects that impact the health and safety of our communities, land, water and climate.


Allowing significantly more tar sand oil to flow before a full environmental impact analysis is complete is unacceptable and irresponsible.


Advocates of shipping Canada’s crude oil to the U.S. argue the Keystone XL pipeline and others will help make the U.S. energy independent and secure.

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