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Hazardous Materials Found in New Castle, DE Warehouse

Hazardous Materials Found in New Castle, DE Warehouse

DNREC’s Environmental Crimes Unit says it discovered drums of hazardous materials in a New Castle area warehouse.

DNREC officials say information from the U.S Environment Protection Agency’s Criminal Division led them to the warehouse rented by Recyclers of Delaware LLC.

There, according to DNREC, Environmental Crimes Unit officers found numerous unlabeled 55-gallon drums. Initial testing indicated those drums contained “volatile organic compounds and flammable chemicals.”

DNREC officials note the chemicals have been secured by its Emergency Response team and pose no threat to public health while a disposal is arranged.

Samples have been given to the EPA for further analysis. A decision on what, if any, action will be taken against Recyclers of Delaware will come after that analysis and the investigation are completed.

According to DNREC officials, the EPA’s discovery of a larger stockpile of hazardous material in Gloucester County, New Jersey yielded a link that led to the New Castle warehouse.

– See more at: http://www.wdde.org/51807-dnrec-hazardous-chemical-new-castle#sthash.B64JS9K9.dpuf