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Deadline May 21, 2014: CMV Drivers Must Have Valid Medical Certificate Signed by a Medical Examiner

Deadline May 21, 2014:  CMV Drivers Must Have Valid Medical Certificate Signed by a Medical Examiner

Deadline May 21, 2014: CMV Drivers Must Have Valid Medical Certificate Signed by a Medical Examiner

The Bullet:

FMCSA announcement:  By May 21, 2014 drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles must have their medical examinations performed by a Certified Medical Examiner listed on the FMCSA’s National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

Read this article for more information about CMVs and HazMat transportation.


Established January 1, 2000, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates the trucking industry within the United States.  More about the FMCSA’s mission.

The regulations of the FMCSA apply to CMVs engaged in interstate transportation (ie. between two or more states).  The regulation of intrastate transportation (ie. within the a state) of CMVs is the responsibility of that state.


An interstate CMV driver is currently required to have a valid medical certificate signed by a medical examiner. After May 21, 2014, however, an interstate CMV driver will need the signature of a certified medical examiner on their medical certificate.  If you’ve already had an exam and have a current certificate that certificate will be valid until its regular expiration date.

Attention Interstate CMV Drivers

FMCSA Regulations apply to the interstate transportation in commerce of goods & persons

This regulation takes effect nationwide as of May 21, 2014.


The requirement of a CMV driver to have a valid medical certificate signed by a certified medical examiner goes into effect May 21, 2014.


To keep America’s interstate CMV drivers healthy and our roads safer.


Use the following tools to find certified medical examiners in your area—or anywhere in the country.

1.       Visit the National Registry Web site and search by Zip Code, State, or examiner name.

2.       Choose a certified medical examiner from the list and call to make an appointment.

3.       If your preferred health care professional isn’t on the list, simply refer him or her to the Certified Medical Examiners page to learn more about getting certified.


Please spread the word and encourage your fellow CMV drivers to find a Certified Medical Examiner by May 21st. They can find more information in the Fact Sheet for Drivers or by going to the National Registry Web site, so pass it along!

Thank you for keeping America moving and for your commitment to safer roadways.

A driver of a motor vehicle over a public roadway transporting any amount of a hazardous material, meets the definition of a HazMat Employee and requires initial (w/i 90 days) and triennial HazMat Employee training.  Please contact me for a free consultation of the training requirements for your drivers.

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