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Clean Harbors El Dorado, LLC fined $581,236 for Hazardous Waste Violations

Clean Harbors El Dorado, LLC fined $581,236 for Hazardous Waste Violations

The Bullet:

A big name Treatment Storage and Disposal Facility that should have known better got itself fined for what amounts to as a mis-interpretation of 40 CFR 261.2(e).  If you ever thought that some firms (the ones you know by name) are too big to make mistakes in complying with the hazardous waste regulations, think again.


United State Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region 6.

Clean Harbors El Dorado, LLC


The facility specializes in the treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes by high temperature incineration. As part of its operations, Clean Harbor’s generated hazardous waste that was improperly sold as a commercial substitute. Under the federal RCRA program, hazardous substances must be stored, handled and disposed of using measures that safeguard public health and the environment. This waste is no longer being sold and all wastes are now properly being disposed.


El Dorado, AK


Announced May 13, 2014.  Initial inspections that brought the violations to light were in 2009 & 2011.


EPA Regional Administrator Ron Curry:  “Environmental protection is everyone’s job and companies must follow our environmental laws.  Communities expect company’s work practices to protect lives and the environment. By enforcing the law, we do our part in protecting people where they live, work and play.”


The USEPA is tasked with protecting the land, water, and air of the US from excessive environmental damage.


As part of the agreement, Clean Harbors has also committed to conduct an environmental project, valued at $750,000 routing hazardous emissions from hazardous waste storage tanks to the secondary combustion chamber.

Read the USEPA Press Release

If a big company like Clean Harbors can make a mistake about the hazardous waste regulations, and then be fined because of that mistake, it behooves all of us to ensure we have received the proper training.  Please contact me for your free training consultation.