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A Question About Transportation of Liquid Lead Acid Batteries

A Question About Transportation of Liquid Lead Acid Batteries

A question from a reader of my Newsletter on July 22, 2015:

Is there a certain height maximum that wet batteries UN2794 can be loaded for highway transportation? I believe there is and I am looking for the specific information. If so can you tell me specifically where I can find this information. I just finished reading your article from November 13 2014 for Packaging Wet Batteries for Transportation and did not see anything regarding loading height limits.

Thank You
My reply the very next day (7.23.15):

Thank you for contacting me.  The answer to any question about packaging for batteries, wet, filled with acid can be found in 49 CFR 173.159 (referenced from column 8 of the Hazardous Materials Table).

173.159(d)(1) includes the only reference to packaging height that I can find in the HMR.  It reads in part:  “Electric storage batteries are firmly secured to skids or pallets capable of withstanding the shocks normally incident to transportation are authorized for transportation by rail, highway, or vessel. The height of the completed unit must not exceed 11⁄2 times the width of the skid or pallet. …”
173.159(e) contains a very good exception from most of the HMR when transporting solely batteries (i.e. no other HazMat on the vehicle) by highway or rail.
I hope this helps.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any other questions.
Thanks again for contacting me.

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